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Tired of under performing in competition? Frustrated with not performing up to your potential? Get expert sports psychology coaching with our certified mental game coaching from anywhere in the world via video conference.

You or your athletes learn how to improve mental skills we teach to pro athletes and perform more consistently in competition. Read more by selecting your sport below or read more on this page….

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Are You Under Performing?

Are you a star performer during practice but find yourself under-performing in competition? The most likely culprit holding you back is your mental game.  In fact, many athletes struggle with the same problem. Do any of these statements sound familiar?

  • I’m so frustrated with my performance that I feel like giving up!
  • I feel like I lose my confidence when I’m in competition.
  • No matter how hard I practice I can’t seem to get the same results in competition.
  • I wish I could play with the same confidence in competition that I have in practice.
  • I feel like my performance is tight, cautious, or that I’m trying too hard to not make mistakes in competition.

If the above statements sound familiar to you, then you could benefit from mental game coaching.

Video Coaching! From Anywhere In The World

Virtual Sport Psychology Coach
Video Sport Psychology Coaching

You can get sport psychology coaching with us from anywhere in the world. Meet with us via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, or Phone.

Get the Mental Edge – With Sport Psychology Coaching

Taking Responsibility to Turn Your Game Around
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Sport psychology coaching helps serious athletes like you to uncover the beliefs and mindsets that keep you from performing to your potential. You’ll learn mental game strategies to perform at your peak more often, overcoming  performance plateaus and lack of consistency:

Consistently take your practice game success with you into every competition.

  • Overcome doubts and be proactive with your self-confidence
  • Use pregame routines to raise  the  consistency level of your performance.
  • Learn mental strategies to get into the zone faster and stay there longer
  • Manage distractions and perform with a laser-like focus

Don’t spend another moment under-performing in competition or failing to perform at your peak.

Sport Psychology Coaching Program

You can improve your mental game with sport psychology coach. We have three levels of programs – bronze, silver, and gold (one to six months). You can opt for one-on-one sessions with a certified mental performance coach in Orlando, Florida, or you can get coaching from anywhere in the world via Zoom, Facetime, Skype or phone!

All sports psychology coaching programs include:

Mental Edge Sports
  • The Athlete’s Mental Aptitude Assessment (AMAP)
  • A custom Mental Game Coaching Plan
  • Weekly coaching sessions
  • Unlimited email correspondence
  • Athlete’s Mental Edge workbooks or sport-specific workbooks.

One-on-one mental coaching is the fastest and most effective method to improve your mental game, boost your performance, and make lasting changes. We have a variety of mental coaching programs to choose from. Please call us at 888-742-7225 with your questions.

Peaksports Mental Performance Coaches

Peak Performance Sports offers expert sport psychology coaching with our certified mental coaches. Please click a photo below to visit the bio pages of our certified mental performance coaches.

Sport Psychology Coach
Georgia Miller, ME
Find a Sport Psychologist
Patrick Cohn, Ph.D.
Find a Sport Psychology Coach
Jaclyn Ellis, MS

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Please contact us today to learn how sport psychology coaching works and to request pricing on all mental training programs. Complete the web form below to contact us via email, or call us toll-free.

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Mental Training Success Stories

“I Was Able to Perform with Confidence and Shine”

“WOW!!!;What a week I had. I was able to perform with a confidence that allowed my style to shine through–no more entering the arena with that “deer in the headlights” look or feeling. I stopped evaluating myself while I was performing, and I actually left the arena after my patterns feeling like I had experienced a lot of fun. Thank you so much.”*
~Julia Dreyer, National Champion Equestrian

“Mental Coaching Has Helped me Immensely”

“Mental coaching has helped me immensely. It has taught me what to focus on in and out of the racecar… How to stay calm and focused have been the key skills that I have learned, which are important to becoming a better and more confident racecar driver.”*
~AJ Allmendinger, NASCAR Driver

“He Finally Put It All Together”

“After your session, Mason had a game. He had the best game so far! He hustled, shot, no goals but two assists but he was cool with it because his focus was on shooting and not scoring (finally), defended well with his hands – finally put it all together. It was fun to watch and you could tell he felt really good about it.”*
~Kelly, Lacrosse mom

“I Had the Best Nationals I Have Ever Had.”

“Patrick, with your great instruction on the mental game, I had the best nationals I have ever had. And even more important, I got through the five days relaxed and had fun – a new concept in my life! The bottom line – I got five firsts and one second! Thank! You are just what I needed.”*
~Dennis O’Brien, swimmer

“We Had a Great Season and Finished 2nd in the State”

“Dr. Cohn, we had a great season. We finished second in the State Tournament. We scored 163 points, which is 11 more than we scored the year we won the state tournament. We had three individual state champs. We really improved our mental preparation in the post season. The kids bought in and really worked at it. We will definitely need you again next year. Hopefully, you can help us reach our goals next year.”*
~Coach Jim Bird, Head Coach Osceola High School

“He’s Soaring with Confidence Right Now”

“I want to thank you for the great work you are doing with Ty. He seems to be soaring with confidence right now. We are flying out to see him pitch next weekend. He threw well Friday night and is drawing a lot of interest from several Division I schools. I’ll let you know how he looks.”*
~Randy Sullivan, Baseball Parent

“We Are Already Seeing Results”

“Thanks again for teaching me how to do mental game coaching with my volleyball team. We are already seeing results for just our FIRST meeting! I really enjoyed out work together in Orlando!”*
~Kurt Trout, Iowa Rockets Volleyball Coach

“Dr. Cohn Help Me Get on The Podium”

“Your mental coaching has helped me be mentally prepared ready to go racing. To be a MX champion, your body and mind have to work together on the track. Dr Cohn helped me get on the podium even under tough circumstances and strengthen my mental game side of racing. I am ready to win this championship now.”*
~Max Anstie, Pro MX racer

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