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Sport Psychology and mental skills helps athletes and coaches to improve performance in sports. Sport psychology teaches athletes to overcome limiting mindsets and improve mental toughness to perform well in competition. Get expert mental game coaching from our certified mental coaches at Peak Performance Sports.


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As the founder of Peak Performance Sports in Orlando, Florida, Dr. Patrick J. Cohn is dedicated to instilling confidence and composure; and teaching effective mental game skills using mental training strategies.

Having earned his doctoral degree in Education specializing in Sport Psychology for Athletes, Dr. Cohn has extensively studied and interviewed hundreds of athletes to develop strategies to enter “the zone” faster and stay there longer. Experts in the field of sports psychology regard him as the leading authority for entering the zone and pre-performance routines.

Dr. Cohn has been a mental toughness coach to athletes, teams and coaches worldwide from a variety of sport backgrounds for nearly 35 years. He has consulted with the likes of the Miami Dolphins, A.J. Allmendinger, Brian Watts, and J.L. Lewis. His experience as an athlete, researcher, and mental training expert has helped hundreds of athletes as well as athletic coaches, trainers and mental coaches in training identify the mental obstacles that prohibit peak performance.

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One-on-one sport psychology coaching is the fastest and most effective method to improve your athletes’ mental game, boost their performance, and make lasting changes. And as a bonus, athletes learn mental skills to feel confident and thrive in sports. Please call us at 888-742-7225 with your questions.

Peak Performance Sports offers expert mental performance coaching with our certified mental coaches. Please click a photo below to visit the bio pages of our certified mental performance coaches.

Mental Performance Coaches

Patrick Cohn, Ph.D.


Georgia Miller, M.A.

Mental Coach

Jaclyn Ellis, M.S.

Mental Coach

What Clients Say…

“The last competition went perfect. I would say it was a very positive performance. If I look at the videos and ask, do I look confident? Yes. Am I letting go of mistakes and staying in the moment? Yes. Am I instinctual? Yes.*

Sport Psychology

Tal Livshitz


Jaclyn was great to work with. I am now more confident over the ball and not worrying about things out of my control. This summer, I shot my best tournament scores to date, including my first under par tournament.“*

Sport Psychology

Leo Dixon

Junior Golfer

“Autumn has been doing AWESOME! Her speed and decision making are drastically better. She is much more confident, and the results are showing. Thanks again for all your help with Autumn. She is really doing well!”*

Sport Psychology

Brian Criste

Kart Racing Parent

Sport Psychology Articles & Videos

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