Olympic Athletes Use Sports Psychology

Sports Psychology

Sports Psychology And Elite Athletes

Sports psychology has become more accepted and popular for high-level Olympic athletes over the past decade.

Elite athletes understand the importance of working with a sports psychologist in order to develop mental toughness and perform their best in competition and learn faster in practice.

They know that in order to be successful at the Olympics, they have to manage the incredible pressure of competing against the best athletes in the world—and get the most out of their practice time without over training.

Gold medal Olympians use sports psychology to manage pressure, prepare for their event, and stay confident while thousands (sometimes millions) of people watch them compete.

Olympic biathlete and gold medalist, Magdalena Neuner, attributed her success to making sports psychology a large part of her training:

“I worked very hard, especially in the mental training. One has to understand that physical fitness alone isn’t sufficient. My mental training is very complex and it makes me believe in myself… To control your mind is more difficult than to control your body.”

In the past, many athletes did not accept the idea of using a sports psychologist to improve performance.

Those days have come and gone, particularly for athletes who want to be the best. As Neuner said, it is not enough for athletes to train their bodies and neglect their mind; therefore sports psychology is imperative to success.

Sports psychology helps athletes transfer their skills to competition and compete at their highest level.

Many athletes are unable to execute in competition because they choke under pressure and experience doubts or lack of confidence.

Sports psychology is key to taking the skills you have developed and performing with high trust in your skills.

Olympic athletes know what it takes to reach the highest level. They train their minds just like they train their bodies.

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