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Sports Psychology

Coaches: Teach Sports Psychology to Your Athletes As a sports coach, you spend most of your practice time working on refining the physical skills of your athletes so they can perform well in competition. You want to lead them to victory. However, talent and hard work during practice alone may not be enough to win … Sport Psychology Article>>

Sports Psychology Assessments: Do they help?

Sports Psychology Assessments

Early in my career, I didn’t use sports psychology assessments to help uncover athletes’ mental game challenges. When I was at The University of Virginia study sports psychology, Bob Rotella had me and others believe assessment were worthless; they did not make sense in the real world. But Rotella was referring to standardized tests developed … Sport Psychology Article>>

Can Coaches Use Sport Psychology?

Sports Psychology

Sports Psychology For Coaches How will mental game coaching help me work with athletes? First, mental game coaching will help you to easily identify the attitudes or behaviors that are impacting the performance of your athletes and teams. Then, we’ll work with you to help you develop mental strategies to overcome the obstacles so your … Sport Psychology Article>>