Developing A Winning Mindset to Overcome Adversity

How to Overcome Adversity in Sports

How to Overcome Adversity in Sports

Which of the following statements is more indicative of who you are as an athlete?

When the going gets tough, I get excited… Or when the going gets tough, I feel defeated?

The attitude you adopt or the mindset you choose is the ultimate determining factor as to how well you face adversity as an athlete… and you WILL face some adversity throughout your career.

When you least expect it, adversity will strike.

Adversity has Many Faces, Such As:

  • Tough losses
  • Bad officiating
  • Judgmental teammates
  • Coach biases
  • Parental expectations
  • Critical competition mistakes
  • Rude spectators
  • Missed opportunities
  • Under-performing at critical moments
  • Personal obstacles
  • Mental mistakes

This list is just the tip of the iceberg. You could probably rattle off many personal obstacles you have experienced in your athletic career.

Every Athlete has Faced Adversity in Sports

No athlete, no matter how successful, talented or lucky they appear to be, will experience smooth sailing throughout their career.

Of course, some adversity may seem more intense than what other athletes face but, if you are to be successful, you need to learn how to triumph over adversity.

The Los Angeles Chargers lost their first four games of the 2017 NFL season. Only one NFL team in modern history has ever recovered to make the playoffs after going winless in their first four games.

Many teams who have faced similar adversity have imploded as negativity, finger pointing, frustration and half-hearted effort ran rampant.

Instead of getting defeated, the Chargers got going when circumstances got tough. The Chargers maintained a positive mindset as they found a way to right the ship.

Over the next nine games, the Chargers posted a 7-2 record keeping their playoff hopes alive.

Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers revealed how the team was able to bounce back from adversity.

Rivers highlighted the team’s “get grinding” mentality as well as their experience overcoming adversity as the reasons for the Charger’s recent success.

RIVERS: “Enough guys on this team have been in the league long enough to know that there are stretches where things can get bumpy and rocky. And the guys that have been here, we’ve been through it plenty of times.”

If you want to overcome adversity, you need to have a similar mindset.

Adversity can be a stepping stone to something greater or a learning experience that can be utilized in future similar situations.

Tough times never last, but tough people do.

You are capable of rising above adversity if you have the right mindset and use your past adversity to your advantage.

It is important to keep in mind that every season you will go through tough times. It is your decision whether or not you get going and move forward.

A Winning Mindset for Adversity:

  1. Understand you are capable of handling adversity and its only temporary, not long-term.
  2. Use your past adversity as evidence to support that you can overcome what you are facing today and become stronger.
  3. Keep confident that your team or performance will eventually turn for the better. Look for the small signs that your game is recovering.

Start by working on letting go of mistakes with The Composed Athlete program.

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