How Can Sports Psychology Help?

Sports Psychology

The Benefits of Sports Psychology

What kind of results can the typical athlete who receives sports psychology coaching expect to see?

Sports psychology and mental toughness coaching is not a one-size-fits-all solution to performance issues in sports. 

Results vary from athlete to athlete and are contingent upon factors such as a desire to improve mental game skills, the ability to implement sports psychology strategies and willingness to overcome the mental obstacles that get in the way of performance.

However, anticipated outcomes include improving confidence; learning how to regain/maintain composure; overcoming distractions and refining concentration; and entering the zone faster and staying there longer.

Why should I work with Peak Performance Sports for my sports psychology needs?

For more than 15 years, Dr. Cohn and Peak Performance Sports have helped athletes improve their performance through mental toughness coaching. Dr. Patrick J. Cohn is one of the nation’s leading mental game coaches, combining the knowledge gained from his Ph.D. in sports psychology, hands-on experience working with hundreds of athletes and more than 25 years experience as an athlete in football, hockey, baseball, tennis, lacrosse, and golf.

What types of mental coaching programs does Peak Performance Sports offer for Serious Athletes who desire Sports Psychology Coaching?

Peak Performance Sports offers a wide range of sports psychology and mental training programs for both individual and teams at the amateur and professional levels.

The very best sports psychology program option is to work one on one with Dr. Cohn in person or over the phone due to the highly personalized and customized nature of one-on-one sports psychology coaching.

Peak Performance Sports also offers an email coaching mental training program as a premium member of online mental training program. Peak Performance Sports offers onsite, phone, and email coaching programs to teams as well.

Or, take a 14-day crash course in sports psychology coaching working at your own pace with Confident Athlete Series Workbook Programs

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